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Social media ads, most commonly deployed on Facebook and Instagram, are a rapidly growing source of brand awareness, consideration and even sales. They are the go-to campaign types when advertisers wish to reach specific target personas, or wish to complement their search or shopping campaigns which may have great ROI but limited audience sizes.

On Facebook and Instagram there are a plethora of campaign and ad types you can run, including but not limited to:

  • Ad types:
    • Video / Image / Carousel of images
    • All ads are accompanied by headlines and descriptions
  • Campaign types:
    • Page promotion
    • Website clicks
    • Lead ads
    • Call-only ads
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All of the above campaign types can be targeted to net-new audiences, existing customers, people who match the online DNA of your existing customers, or, remarketing audiences.

Little-known gems about social media ads

Did you know that Facebook’s ad targeting is based on user demographics, interests AND behaviour? Behavioural targeting is the greatest strength of Facebook Ads. If you sell running shoes, do you want to target your ads to someone who’s interested in running, or, to someone who’s interested in running and buys a new pair of running shoes every two months?

Fun fact: 98.5% of Facebook’s revenue comes from its advertising solutions, and has grown by billions of dollars every year for the past twelve years. This kind of sustained growth doesn’t happen without offering advertisers like you great value and opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Facebook Ads cost?
As with all forms of PPC, you are in control of this by setting your daily budget. Some of our clients get great results with as little as $2,000 per month on Facebook Ads, whilst others spend $500,000 per month or more on their ads. After a certain period of discovery, your ads budget should be based on your ROI levels and growth ambitions.

Do I have to advertise on both Facebook and Instagram?
No – whilst Facebook owns Instagram, your ads will by default show on both Facebook and Instagram when you create a new campaign. But you can select to only serve ads on one or the other, if you wish to.

Can users see why I’ve targeted my ads to them?
Yes – Facebook allows users to see why they have been served an ad, and allows them to delete that targeting information from their profile if they no longer wish to see ads related to certain pieces of personal information.

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