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Google Ads management isn’t a black-box of mystery or a dark art. That doesn’t mean it is easy or without substance as it’s certainly a specialist skill which requires a lot of effort. To give you an insight into our world, we’d like to share the core duties that constitute Google Ads management with you.

A successful Google Ads campaign begins with research. Akin to measuring twice so that you only have to cut once, it’s imperative that your Google Ads strategy is on-point and validated with corresponding research. This research includes analysis of company background, target personas, keyword research, competitor research, and more. As an example, if we’re researching a potential Google Ads Search campaign, we’ll use Google Trends to analyse whether demand is up or down for your core terms, and we’ll use Google’s Keyword Planner tool to discover target audience searching habits and establish the exact search volumes and estimated costs for target keywords.

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Once research is complete, it’s time to build the campaigns. This begins with selecting the correct campaign-type and configuring all of the sub-settings to be just right. These settings include geo-targeting, daily budgets, audience targeting, ad schedule, bidding strategy and objectives, and a whole lot more. All ad creative is designed and written at this stage, and linked to relevant landing pages throughout your site. Tracking codes are also set-up, configured, installed and tested on your site to ensure accuracy in future reporting for Google Ads ROI analysis. Selecting one wrong configuration, or missing one vital step during the campaign build can have catastrophic consequences post-launch, so we follow a rigorous process and our quality assurance department is there as a safety net.

Once a new Google Ads campaign is built and launched, you can almost guarantee that in its lifetime something will go wrong, or break. This is often caused by external factors. For example if your website is hacked, Google Ads will detect this and suspend your advertising account. Our Google Ads experts will find and fix problems swiftly as they arise.

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Monitoring campaign health and performance is a continuous endeavour. Whilst we have an array of software assisting us with elements of campaign monitoring, nothing replaces a human appraisal of a Google Ads account. Are conversions tracking properly and reaching your CRM? Is your budget being utilized consistently and effectively? Is anything broken? Are business objectives being met by advertising results? Has the competitive landscape changed? Are we under attack? Is there click-fraud depleting our budget? These questions and more are ones we ask ourselves every day to ensure optimal results for our clients.

Optimization is the never-ending cycle of making your Google Ads budget work harder and produce increasingly efficient returns for you. Put simply – optimization consists of making changes to your Google Ads campaigns to deliver more conversions (leads, sales, etc.) from the same budget. This might be something as simple as regularly reviewing search term reports for negative keywords to add, or cutting out other targeting dimensions that don’t perform well.

We often tell our clients that the campaigns you see today will be unrecognizable six months from now. This is because survival and success depend on innovation. What worked yesterday has no guarantee of working well today or tomorrow. Google Ads is a live environment. Demand, competition and price shift every millisecond, and new opportunities continually arise. The key to Google Ads success is being aware of your environment and capitalizing on opportunities. New releases of campaign types, creative formats, targeting methodologies and machine-learning tools from Google are never-ending, and understanding which ones to include in experimentation and innovation is what we do. Oftentimes experiments won’t work out, but you have to be willing to test in order to learn and find those leaps in performance.

This completes our overview of what’s included in Google Ads management!

Researching, Building, Fixing, Monitoring, Optimizing, Experimenting.

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The Value Of
A Google Ads Agency

Our Google Ads management offering is full-service. We take total accountability for delivering success from your advertising budget. Whilst we do it for you, we don’t do it without you, and deeply value your partnership and collaboration.

As a Google Ads agency in Toronto, here are some reasons that our clients love working with us:

We do the heavy lifting for you.

We bring both the brain-power and the horse-power. With a full team of Google Ads experts dedicated to your success, we’ll take care of all of the time-consuming and technically-intricate tasks so that you can focus on more important matters.

We know what to do.

Not knowing what actions to take, along with the when and why, can be a huge stressor for those who don’t live and breathe a specialist subject as we do. Our deep experience often gives us the ability to know what to do in an instant when faced with a problem or opportunity.

We’re forward-thinking.

As Google Premier Partners, we’re plugged into Google and utilize this position to protect you from threats and bring relevant opportunities to the table.

We’re totally focused.

We don’t do anything other than paid advertising at this company, and Google Ads is by far the most popular advertising solution that we offer. We’re not distracted by other services or solutions. Every single person in our company is focused on making Google Ads a success for you.

We’re here for you.

Our experience and confidence take the fear out of key decisions for you. A problem shared is a problem halved, after all. We’re here to give you straight advice, be your sounding board, play devil’s advocate, and collaborate to help you make the best decisions with confidence.

We’re marketers who use advertising.

We think like marketers first, and use advertising tools to deliver marketing messages second. We are focused on your business objectives.

We see a LOT of things.

As a Google Ads agency, we’re lucky enough to have many valued clients in all kinds of different industries and regions. Whilst we keep all client information and data confidential (notice – we don’t list clients or case studies on our site), we learn a lot from this array of experiments and challenges which makes us better marketers for you.

Our success relies on your success.

Put simply, if our work doesn’t produce a profitable ROAS for you, we don’t have a job. Therefore, beyond our passion for what we do, it’s safe to say we’re motivated to make your Google Ads experience and ROI positive.

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