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Our Purpose, Passion, Niche And Values

Somewhat akin to a young adult trying to figure out who they are, we didn’t know that we were an education-first business for the first 4-5 years of our existence. It was never something we set out to be. In 2018 we realized that helping people was in our blood and what we cared about most. Our behaviour had long since reflected an approach of tirelessly educating or assisting our audiences without asking for anything in return.

It is no exaggeration to say that we have never asked anyone for their business, which is all the proof we needed that doing the right thing and helping others will have its rewards. Hence – our identity as an education-first marketing and advertising agency was born, and we’ve never looked back.

    Our purpose is to help people.
  • Our passion is marketing and advertising.
  • Our tool of choice (or, our niche) is PPC.
  • PPC stands for Pay Per Click, which essentially entails any method whereby you can buy traffic on the internet, also commonly known as paid search, SEM, online advertising or performance marketing.
  • Our core values (traits we live and breathe by, internally and externally): Positivity, Problem-solving, Honesty, Proactivity, Accountability, Attention-to-detail.

Our Google Accolades

Long before WSI Paid Search existed, our Managing Director, Jack Porter-Smith, was learning his craft as a PPC professional from 2006. The best things in life, and in business, happen when you don’t aim at them or even know about them prior. Three wonderful examples of this are:

Google Ads Top Contributor:

In 2009 Jack was requested by Google to become a Top Contributor for Google Ads. At the time, there were four other Top Contributors on the planet, recognized by Google as leading experts who knew Google Ads inside and out with a proven passion for helping other businesses and advertising professionals. Google recently re-branded this program as Product Experts.

Google Premier Partner:

In 2017 WSI Paid Search became a Premier Partner with Google. Premier Partners are the highest-level of partners an agency can be with Google and are discussed in full on this page.

Google Agency Executive Council:

In 2019, Jack was requested by Google to join the Google Agency Executive Council for Canada. This council comprises 10-15 peers who Google picks out to join the committee, which is not based on their size nor Google spend. It is based on their executive acumen, care for the industry and willingness to work with others (yes, even competitors) to make Google Ads and the PPC industry a better place.


Perks of this status included regular trips to Google HQ, working directly with Google product engineering teams on improving Google Ads, and frequently presenting to other Top Contributors on Google’s behalf on how to be a better professional and agency-owner.


Jack attended his first council meeting in Toronto in November 2019 and presented to his peers on how his agency became the pinnacle (Google’s words, not ours) of in-person educational events at Google.

None of these special events, accolades or statuses were a target of ours. They just happened because we work hard and love what we do. Jack is often keen to point out that whilst he is often the figurehead for the company, all of its recognitions and rewards are a sincere team effort.

Our Proven Process

Over the years, we’ve developed a seven-step process to serve our valued clients best. It’s our way of doing things and allows us to continue to expand without resembling a pile of overcooked spaghetti.

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Our Team

Our team is recruited almost entirely based on our core values – not for their skills, degrees or experience. We have an exceptionally high retention-rate of team members, which allows us to nurture their skills and career path over time, meaning all we have to worry about during recruitment is who they are, not what they are. We are probably the most diverse group of oddballs you’ll ever meet, but we love each other and what we do. Meet our awe-inspiring team here.

Meet our team


Occasionally we like to sprinkle some additional magic in our team. Check here to see if we have any open positions presently. Even if we don’t have an open position, we’re always keen to buy you a coffee and keep your details on record for future needs.

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