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Career Development

You may face racism and discrimination when you attempt to commence or further your digital marketing career. Although you shouldn’t have to, having an ally within the industry can help you to overcome racist and biased educators, hiring managers, or recruiters.

We’re regularly hiring, we’re well-connected with employers and recruiters, and everyone here has a career story you may resonate with and learn from.

Reach out to us for a safe and confidential conversation and we’ll help however we can.


Free Advertising Services

If you represent a non-profit organization, charity, or foundation we align with that is entirely dedicated to ending racism or discrimination, we’ll help you get your message out and attract more recognition, donations, and volunteers.

We’ll take care of everything related to running your Google & Facebook ad campaigns – free of charge and forever.

All you need to do is help us to understand your mission and pay for your ad budget (unless you have a Google Ads Grant or similar). You’ll be our most important client and we won’t charge you a dime.

Verification processes and qualifying criteria apply.

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