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The WSI Paid Search Way

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Our proven process is our way of doing business from end to end. It’s the methods we live by to ensure a fair, clear and open way of creating long-lasting and fruitful business relationships. We have crafted and refined this process since our inception in 2013 and will continue to tweak it to be the best we can be for you.


Step 1 Education

Your first interaction or experience with us will invariably be one of education because we’re an education-first agency. You might attend one of our regular in-person events hosted with partners such as Google to learn about coming trends, best practices and how to get more out of digital marketing. You might read one of our books, blog posts or listen to a podcast episode. We believe in giving everything we can with no expectation of anything in return, in equipping as many businesses as possible to make the right marketing decisions.

Step 2 Consultation

After being inspired or educated by us, you might request a consultation, which will be entirely free and with no obligation. One of our experienced directors will spend quality time with you to listen to your concerns, answer your questions and perhaps even conduct a free audit of your existing online marketing activities.

These consultations are a safe space with complete confidentiality and no judgement. By the end of our consultation, you may ask us to initiate the next steps on working together or not – it’s entirely up to you, and we won’t ask.


Step 3 Proposal Submission

If you request a proposal after our consultation, we’ll gladly prepare one for you. We’ll think about what’s best for you and your business, we’ll verify if there is a viable play for you or not, and we’ll research all of the details to support the initiative including forecasts of potential results. We’ll correlate this to true business value and keep your objectives and pain points in front of mind at all times.

Our proposals are written in plain English with a touch of character and are delivered to you via an easy to use online platform. Our proposals even include our ‘no hostage policy,’ which talks at length about our commitment to making you feel comfortable and free to do as you wish at all times.

Step 4 Pre-Build Briefing

If you accept our proposal, we’ll move on to our pre-build briefing process. In this stage, you’ll be introduced to your dedicated operations manager, quality assurance specialist, account manager and campaign manager. They will be eager to develop a relationship with you and learn from you directly about your business and campaign specifics.


Step 5 Production

Once we have everything we need from the briefing, we’ll commence production and aim to get your new campaigns live within ten business days from briefing and receipt of payment for month one.

We’ll work methodically through our tasks in building the campaigns, researching keywords, developing creative, building landing pages, setting up and testing call tracking and online action tracking, configuring campaign settings, and preparing your reporting and quality checks. You’ll be able to monitor our progress in real-time via Basecamp 3, where we openly allow you to monitor our task list completion and fireside chatter. Once we’re ready to go live, we’ll request your pre-launch approval of everything we have built and make any changes you require.

Step  6 Launch

The production is complete! You’ve reviewed our work, and it’s time to go live! It might take a couple of weeks to get there, but it’s worth measuring twice so that we only have to cut once, right?


Step 7 Optimization, Reporting and Collaboration

Whether in month two or year seven, we’ll never get complacent or forget to innovate, capture opportunities and solve problems on your behalf. Each month, we’ll have a dedicated meeting to discuss results and what they mean for you in plain English with a constant eye on ROI for your business – not just PPC vanity metrics.

We’ll run new ideas by you for approval; we’ll look to you for guidance on solving problems, and together we’ll move the campaign results in the right direction. Beyond our regular monthly meetings, you will always have a link to your dedicated account manager’s calendar to book a meeting, and be able to call, email or visit with us at our Toronto office any time.

This process is never-ending – there is no finish line, just an enjoyable and profitable journey that will last for as long as you want it to.

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