Display and Video Ads

Display and video ads, most commonly deployed on Google ads and YouTube, are your gateway to immersing your brand into a user’s browsing experience. Beyond YouTube, video ads are also popular on Facebook Ads. They are the go-to campaign types for businesses who have a story to tell, a message to deliver or a narrative to form.

The best video ads don’t feel like ads – they are experiences that users enjoy, developing subconscious affinity toward your brand and perhaps even taking immediate action.

Display and video ads have long been considered brand-awareness plays, but that is no longer exclusively the case. It would be true to say that display and video PPC ads are not typically the work-horses of lead generation or online transactions, but they play a critical role in supporting Search, Shopping or Social Display ads and are increasingly proven to drive action directly.

Data from Google proves that brands engaged in both Google search and YouTube video advertising campaigns see an 8% higher conversion rate (from a visit to a transaction) on their search campaigns than those who exclude video.

There are many types of display and video ads, including but not limited to:

Google Display Advertising:

Responsive Display Ads (RDAs): these ads are powered by machine learning, forming in real-time upon relevant inventory (places on the web), to show the most appropriate images, text and call to action.

YouTube Video Advertising:

– In-stream ads: ads of varying length that show before, during or after the original video the user is watching. These can be both skippable and non-skippable.

– Bumper ads: short, sharp ads of 6 seconds or less designed to grab the attention and plant subconscious seeds in an age of increasingly shortened attention spans.

Advanced YouTube
Video Advertising Tips

Did you know that Facebook’s ad targeting is based on user demographics, interests AND behaviour?

Imagine if someone searched for your product or service on Google yesterday but didn’t make a purchase yet, and the next time they go on YouTube they see your ad for the product or service they searched for. It’s called custom-intent audience targeting.

Did you know that you can target users who have recently visited your competitor’s websites? This is called custom-affinity audience targeting competitors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How soon does Google Ads deliver results?

Google Ads campaigns typically reach performance within 90 days. Whilst the effects of Google Ads are immediate (you’ll see your ads, you’ll get traffic, you’ll get conversions), it takes time to optimise and refine them to reach peak performance. Consider all the factors at play such as target audiences, keywords, ad creative, landing pages, calls to action, devices, time of day, day of the week, target gender, target income-level, target marital status and much more; they all have different performance characteristics and the process of optimisation is all about building data and honing in on your sweet spots.

How do I determine my Google Ads budgeting?

Google Ads campaigns are very forecastable, meaning it’s possible to research the potential for a campaign’s reach. It is also possible to research the potential cost of that reach. Then you simply work out your minimum viable budget, which refers to how much you have to spend to reach a meaningful amount of your total potential audience. Alternatively, you might want to be more aggressive and budget for a larger portion of the potential audience sooner.

What if I get my Google Ads strategy wrong?

It is quite probable that even with the best expertise in the world, elements of your strategy will be ‘wrong’, and that’s OK, as long as you know how to monitor and tweak things appropriately to get maximum ad dollars in the right place.

If you get it completely wrong, catch it before it gets out of hand and change direction, and be thankful for the learning (after all, knowing what not to do is often as valuable as knowing what to do).

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