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We’re a marketing and advertising agency, specializing in PPC. When it comes to PPC our offering is end-to-end, or full-service. We’ll do everything for you as it relates to PPC, but not without you. For every new business we introduce to the world of PPC we help another business improve its existing PPC results.


At WSI Paid Search our four-part job is to:

  • Listen:
    You describe your goals, objectives, pain points, desires and all available relevant context. We truly listen, absorb, process and ask questions.
  • Strategize:
    We think about the best PPC plays for you in conjunction with your business growth ambitions. Read more about our strategy development here.
  • Implement:
    We research, build and launch your PPC campaigns for you, with your direction and approval at every step.
  • Optimize:
    We manage your PPC campaigns for you, continually testing, improving and expanding them in perpetuity. We report on real results and meet with you regularly.

Advertising partners we work with

Our ad campaigns run on Google Ads, Facebook / Instagram Ads and Bing Ads. We will soon add Amazon Ads to our arsenal, and we deliberately exclude some other ad platforms that we don’t believe offer our clients the best possible ROI.

Our PPC services and tactics

Whilst our solutions usually entail a combination of the below items, here is a list of everything we provide:

  • Strategy Development

    Strategy development

    We’ll help you shape your PPC strategy, including what ad platforms, campaign types and budgets to start with.

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  • Search & Shopping Ads

    Search & Shopping Ads

    Usually on using Google Ads and Microsoft Ads, we’ll connect your business with real-time consumer demand for your product or service.

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  • Social Media Ads

    Social Media Ads

    Usually on Facebook and Instagram Ads, we’ll connect your business with people who are online DNA (behaviour, interests, demographics) matches your buyer persona(s).

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  • Display & Video Ads

    Display & Video Ads

    Usually on Google Display and YouTube, we’ll connect your business with people who are online DNA (behaviour, interests, demographics) matches your buyer persona(s).

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  • Remarketing Ads

    Remarketing Ads

    Available through Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or both, we’ll run highly intelligent campaigns to re-engage potential customers with you to complete their enquiry or transaction with banner ads, Gmail ads or video ads.

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  • Google Ads Management

    Google Ads Management

    Google Ads management isn’t a black-box of mystery or a dark art. That doesn’t mean it is easy or without substance as it’s certainly a specialist skill which requires a lot of effort.

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As supporting services to the above primary services, we offer call tracking, tracking code installation and landing page design.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is PPC?

    PPC means Pay Per Click, a term commonly used to describe buying traffic or visibility online. PPC has a lot of synonyms such as SEM, paid search, performance marketing, paid media and many more. Don’t be confused – PPC is the mothership and has the following ‘campaign types’ that live beneath it; Search, Display, Shopping, Remarketing, Video, Social display (social media ads). People most commonly mistakenly think that ‘Search Ads / PPC’ is ‘PPC’, not realizing that Search Ads / PPC is just one type of PPC.

  • What’s the difference between PPC and SEO?

    PPC is buying traffic, SEO is earning free traffic. For example in Google’s search results, the 3-4 listings you usually see at the top are PPC ads, and the organic listings (achieved through SEO) are below.

  • Do I need a PPC agency?

    It depends. Do you need a tax accountant, hairstylist, landscaper or HR consultant? Like most things in life and business, you can do it yourself, but if you want to do it properly and safely you’ll employ professional expertise.

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