PPC Audit (Google Ads)

Free & No-Obligation PPC Audit

A live Google Ads audit by the world’s best PPC experts

What it is:

A 45-minute teleconference (video is optional!) with a senior director of WSI Paid Search to perform a live audit of your Google Ads campaigns. Our job is simply to be useful to you in these meetings – rest assured we’ll only be focused on bringing you maximum value.

After taking a few moments to understand the context of your business, your problems or opportunities and expectations for the meeting, via screen share in real-time we will review your Google Ads account to:

  1. Find technical errors
  2. Find wastage and inefficiency
  3. Find missed opportunity
  4. Review your landing pages
  5. Review your overall strategy

We’ll make sure you have all of the key points summarized with appropriate actions, and, even provide you with a recording of the meeting for future reference. We’ll also answer any questions you have throughout the meeting.

There will be absolutely no:

  1. Sales requests or pressure
  2. Obligation to engage us in any next-steps
  3. Fee for the meeting

Who these Google Ads Audits are for:

Marketing decision-makers of any organisation or business type, shape or size, who are presently running or have recently run Google Ads PPC campaigns . No preparation required, just bring yourself and make sure you have access to your Google Ads account.

Why book or request an audit:

  1. We are impartial. We will present only facts based on evidence that you’ll see before your very own eyes.
  2. We’re a fresh pair of eyes. Even with the best team in the world, sometimes you just can’t see the wood for the trees.
  3. We’re a Google Premier Partner.
  4. You will almost definitely have some form of deficiency with your existing campaigns. Why not have a second-opinion from someone who lives and breathes PPC to help you solve your problems and seize your opportunities?

There is absolutely no downside or risk to you. Book or request your Google Ads audit today.

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