The Advertising Greatness Workshop

Monthly Online Workshops for Marketers

An interactive, action-focused session to transform the good to great

Who this workshop is for:

This workshop is for owners and marketing decision-makers of any business size, type, industry or vertical, globally. Advertising greatness stems from your decision-making perspective as a marketing executive, which is what we’ll enlighten and challenge in this workshop.

In plain terms, this is for anyone who wants to commence or improve their online advertising (Google Ads, Facebook Ads).

What will the workshop cover?

The ten blocks to advertising greatness; the fundamental reasons your advertising isn’t working or could work better, and how to make decisions with clear action plans that will lead to advertising greatness.

What will it be like?

You’ll complete your self-assessment and have your results explained to you.

Jack will then explain each of the ten blocks to advertising greatness, and invite you to un-mute yourself to ask questions pertinent to that block before we move on to the next one.

After all ten blocks are covered we’ll make sure your action sheet depicts what your key areas of improvement are with a clear plan, and provide further opportunity for Q&A before closing.

This will be a fast-moving, interactive and action-oriented workshop to enable you to think about your marketing and advertising differently and discover your own light-bulb moments to define your next key moves to advertising greatness.

Why should you attend this workshop?

We should all be learning all of the time. It’s free, entirely focused on you, and guaranteed to get you thinking about your marketing and advertising problems and opportunities in ways you never have before.

Is this going to be a sales-fest?

Nope. You’ll have the opportunity to book a (still free) 1-1 workshop if you enjoy this group workshop. That’s all.

Why are you providing this workshop?

We’re an education-first marketing and advertising agency. We believe that the more business leaders we equip to make better marketing and advertising decisions for themselves, the better.

Your pre-workshop homework & toolkit:

Upon registration we’ll send you your workshop toolkit.

This will include reading a short eBook, completing a self-assessment and familiarising yourself with your action list, in order to get the most out of your workshop experience.

During the session you’ll learn what your self-assessment results mean and how to form your action list.

When, where and how often?

90-minute sessions, monthly, online (on GoToWebinar).

Check here for upcoming dates. Attending once should set you up for success, but you can come back for a refresher any time.

Some workshops may be shorter than 90 minutes depending on audience participation levels.

Check Dates & Register


Your workshop host

Your workshop host, Jack Porter-Smith, began his digital marketing career in 2006 and has been our (WSI Paid Search) Managing Director since 2013. He became one of the world’s first 5 Google Ads Top Contributors in 2009 and was nominated to the Google Agency Executive Council in 2019. He is a published author, regular keynote speaker and totally committed to helping others with no expectations of anything in return.

A note from your host, Jack Porter-Smith:

I really look forward to hosting you at one of our upcoming workshops. It is imperative that you come willing to work, be interactive and focused on outcomes.

This is not a 90-minute lecture or presentation. Beyond the smatterings of content I provide I want to help you and answer your questions in real-time as we progress through the workshop.

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