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Example XYZ


Example XYZ, a homegrown pickle business goes global with Google Ads.

Pain Points

Boost brand awareness
Drive more visits to the website


Targeted locally relevant, high intent search terms


Generated 3x more orders during Covid-19 lockdown

About The Company

Example XYZ, a homemade pickle business started by two sisters Aparna and Shravya, has its roots in their childhood. Memories of Indian childhood are often filled with homemade pickles made with immense love and care by their grandparents. Example XYZ brings back those memories by taking the recipes of their Chinnaka, out of the corner of their home to serve in every corner of the world. Preserving this legacy and a 33-year-old tradition, in the form of bite-size happiness, seeds this business idea.

 Their Pain Points

Shravya and Aparna, along with their husbands, got together over weekends to recreate Chinnaka’s magic in their kitchens. The recipes that Shravya and Aparna used were unique – they used exotic and rare flowers and fruits which helped XYZ’s flavours stand out.

With supply taken care of, Shravya and Aparna realised that word of mouth was not enough to sustain their growth. They knew there were many more people looking for exactly what they were offering, and so, decided to go online with Google Ads.



All in all, Google Ads has enabled XYZ to increase its visibility and grow its customer base tremendously. The brand can now reach out to Indians living abroad (via websites frequented by them), and they have also succeeded in getting shelf space in one of the biggest multinational grocery stores in the world. Finally, XYZ managed to ride out the Covid-19 pandemic and even increase its orders, thanks to Google Ads.

How did they do this? Using Google Trends, XYZ uncovered a shift in its audiences’ mindsets. The pandemic made people more conscious of their health, and XYZ Foods used the opportunity to expand its product offerings and created new recipes to cater to their customer needs.

On top of that, the company is also looking to increase brand visibility through video content strategies. The goal is to invest in YouTube ads, and reach out to a wider audience.

300% Increase in Conversions

Decreased Cost Per Lead

# ROAS Achieved

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