• What’s New In Google Ads – Updates from May 2020

    June 19, 2020 | Written By Chengcheng

    What’s New In Google Ads

    Discovery ads available to all advertisers globally

    Google introduced Discovery campaigns (beta) last year to help advertisers reach consumers in the moments when they’re open to learning about new products and services. And now Discovery ads are available to all advertisers globally. Read more here.

    What’s New In Google Ads - May Edition

    Retail category reporting (beta)

    If you are running both Search and Shopping campaigns, it can be difficult to understand how both of your campaigns are performing. With retail category reporting, you can now see your performance for pre-defined product categories across your Search and Shopping campaigns in one report. Some of the metrics available for each retail category include:

    • Traffic and spend metrics (clicks and cost)
    • Campaign level information (campaign type and name)
    • Performance metrics (conversions, conversion value, conversion cost)
    • Competitive metrics (click share)

    What’s New In Google Ads - May Edition

    More information

    Commissions (per stay) program for Hotel ads

    This is Google’s gesture of supporting the hotel industry to minimize risk while driving future bookings in a responsible manner during COVID-19.

    This program allows Hotel ads partners to pay a commission only if a traveller stays at the hotel, automatically adjusting Hotel ads bids to maximize booking value. It is now available to all Hotel ads partners globally. Read more here.

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