• What’s New In Google Ads – Updates from July 2020

    July 5, 2020 | Written By Chengcheng

    RDAs (Responsive Display Ads) is getting a new look

      1. New creative layouts with automated image enhancements including smart image cropping and text overlays.

    What’s New In Google Ads - July Edition

    1. Get 5% more conversions at a similar CPA by adding automatically generated video using your existing image and text assets to your RDAs.
    2. Updated look of Dynamic Display ads for retail advertisers with a new single-image layout to highlight individual products.

    What’s New In Google Ads - July Edition

    Acquire new customers with Smart Shopping campaigns

    You can now add a conversion value for sales from new customers:

    What’s New In Google Ads - July Edition

    Location Insertion feature for RSAs (Responsive Search Ads)

    You can now use location insertion to dynamically add where your product or service is offered. Once set up, your ad will automatically include city, state, or country names based on the locations of potential customers or their areas of interest.

    What’s New In Google Ads - July Edition

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