• What’s New In Google Ads – Updates from April 2020

    May 1, 2020 | Written By Chengcheng

    What’s New In Google Ads - April Edition

    Google’s new call ads

    “Call ads” is replacing “call-only ads” by including a “Visit website” link in the ads. This new “call ads” will give you greater visibility on the search results page. As a result, you are expected to get fewer accidental calls and more qualified leads than from the old “call-only ads”. Learn more about call ads.

    Google’s new call ads

    Free listings on Google Shopping

    Google just announced Non-Paid Google Shopping Offers which adds free product listings to Google’s Shopping experience. To benefit from this, check your eligibility and make sure that you follow policies for surfaces across Google.

    To increase your likelihood to show free listings on Google Shopping, Google recommends you to:

    1. Provide additional attributes for free listings, including description, availability and several other attributes depending on the product.
    2. Link your company’s Pay-Pal account in Merchant Center.
    3. Participate in Google’s Customer Review Program.

    Requiring advertiser identity verification to improve transparency

    This is a new policy that requires advertisers to verify their identities for ads served through Google Ads. Once this is implemented, users will see the advertiser’s name and country disclosed in “Why this ad”?

    Google will start verifying advertisers in phases in the U.S. and continue to expand globally. Advertisers will receive an email from Google when it is time to verify their identity. Learn more about the verification process.

    New features in Google Ads Editor v1.3

    Shared budgets

    You can create and edit shared budgets from the Shared Library within Editor.

    Optimization score

    You can access your account and campaign-level scores within Editor. You’ll also see a combined, weighted-average optimization score by selecting multiple accounts and campaigns in the “account tree”. This makes it easier for you to prioritize where to take action and work at scale. View the full list of new features in Google Ads Editor v1.3.

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