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We’re a Google Premier Partner and proud of it. Verify our status and see our qualifications and specializations here:

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What Premier Partners are:

The Google Partners program primarily regulates agencies who work with Google Ads, like us. The Premier level, as the name suggests, is the highest. The higher the level, the fewer the members – specifically, Premier Partners are the top 3% of all Google Partners.

Google continually evaluates all of its partners on things like qualifications, skills, the performance of campaigns, use of technology, client retention, client acquisition and a lot more. While it’s perhaps not the only indicator of an agency’s ability, trustworthiness and other things – it’s undoubtedly an important one.

Google Partners program
Top 1% Google Premier Partner

Being a Top 1% Premier Partner:

In 2018 Google approached us to inform us that they had been tracking our agency performance (surprise, surprise!) and that we had unwittingly triggered into their Top 1% of all partners beyond the norms of all other Premier Partners in the Top 3%. It provides us with even more support from Google, which benefits our valued clients.

Benefits to you, our clients, of us being a Top 1% Premier Partner:



  • Our Google team will provide us with special reports to share with you to gain insights into your consumers and competitors. Market-value of these reports is in the tens of thousands of dollars and will significantly change the way you view your space and make decisions.


  • When things go wrong, it’s essential to have the right support to fix them. We have the highest level of technical support available from Google to ensure that our requests on your behalf are speedily expedited amongst Google’s teams.

Events & Webinars:

  • We’ve done more in-person educational events with Google around North America than any other agency. Period.
  • Google themselves describe the success of our events as the pinnacle of educational events.
  • These events are typically a half-day of educational keynote presentations from Google and us, with no sales pressure.


  • Each quarter we review an array of BETAs that Google is releasing and get relevant clients whitelisted for ones suitable to them.
  • BETAs can be an improved feature of an existing thing, or, an altogether new campaign, targeting or ad type amongst endless other things.
  • Be the first to test new features to improve performance and leave your competition in the dust, scratching their heads at how you’re doing what you’re doing!


  • Our clients have dedicated strategists within Google that support our internal team of PPC experts. We ensure you have more than one perspective evaluating your performance and opportunities at all times.

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