Client Testimonials


  • We have been fortunate to have the paid team at WSI working with us managing our online marketing for over a year now. We have never been in better hands and it is one of the best strategic partnerships we have ever had. A great team to have in our corner."

    Candice S.
  • It’s been such a great experience. I love working with Jack and Chengcheng. We’ve gone from search in house with really no true way to scale and now that we have WSI, we’ve been scaling beautifully, seeing such wonderful return. The team has been so great to work with."

    Alexa R.
  • Jack Porter-Smith and his Team at WSI Paid Search have been our dream business partner for several years. They became an essential part of our WSI agency and are now one of the most important pillars of our business. Always dependable, always top-notch they never spare efforts to ensure ongoing success of our campaigns. As one of the top global Google Ads contributors Jack's & WSI Paid Search value cannot be overestimated. I look forward to many more years of our friendship, collaboration and shared success."

    Peter J.
  • The team at WSI Paid Search is top notch! We had a difficult campaign to generate leads for Real Estate, and they were able to help us build a strong presence on both Facebook and Google. They worked closely with us to find the best and most efficient strategy to get high quality leads for our money. We ended up getting leads for less than a dollar each. Would absolutely recommend it to anyone."

    Michael N.
  • Fantastic paid search services - forward thinking, strategic, tactically sound & highly accountable. Working with the WSI Paid Search team has been a game-changer for my business. Thanks team!"

    Kai H.
  • Best Paid Search expert ever! Doing all my paid campaigns (about 20 customers). A lot of conversions and very happy (returning) customers. Team has good vibes and great expertise. Last, they recently strengthen the team with additional foreign languages speakers."

    Gabor M.
  • Jack provided value from the onset. While we were first making our recommendations to an International client for whom we were developing a paid search strategy, he had us gather some basic information. From that he was able to make what he calls a “business case” by using easy to follow logic and math. Both the client and I were delighted that there was a clear methodology behind the projected ROI. The mere fact that he took this approach gave me and everyone involved confidence in his abilities. Off to a great start!"

    Chuck B.
  • Knowing that these people are on top of my advertising campaigns is a big peace of mind. Knowledgeable and very responsive team."

    Mauricio R.
  • WSI Paid Search has provided me with a reliable service for my clients, who has seen their business grow so much that some of them had to stop as they could not handle the additional demand! Team has always been ready to help and provide insights in the most obscure topics of Online Advertising. Highly recommend them"

    Paul L.
  • Highly professional and knowledgeable. If there was a score higher than 5 I would have given it to Jack Porter-Smith. He is brilliant professionally and a great human, ready to help. Working with WSI Paid Search would be the best decision to make, no doubts."

    Tali H.
  • Spectacularly responsive and best of all- they get results like no other agency we have worked with! Cannot recommend them highly enough."

    Chris A.
  • Working with Jack and Usman is always a good experience. Love the considered responses and focus on delivering customer value. But also the straight talk - you have to tell the client the truth when their proposition is just not right for Paid Search etc."

    John L.
  • We have partnered with WSI paid search for many years now and they are truly the best of the best when it comes to paid search. Reliable, available, result driven and on the ball.”

    Mark J.
  • WSI Paid Search does outstanding work in regards to managing paid search campaigns. I have been working with them since 2013 and they have never disappointed me.”

    Burns S.
  • The team  at WSI Paid search has served me since its inception in 2014. Both and team and Jack himself have been very attentive to all my needs as a consultant to my clients."

    Kelly B.

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